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Life Coaching

"Susan is an exceptional clinician, who is professional passionate and compassionate about the work she does! Her clients are lucky to have her! I stand behind her and so should you!" -Paula Garrant, MSW, LICSW

When things are not clear, when you feel off-purpose or dissatisfied in life, a life coach can help you get unstuck.

Life coaching is about getting honest and clear about what you want to achieve out of life. We focus on identifying what your priorities are, and create goals that match up to who you really are.

We identify the fears, obstacles, and blocks which are inherent to the felt dissatisfaction. From there, we create a plan of action to meet your goals, to be fully in alignment with your most authentic self.

As a life coach, I will hold you accountable with gentle yet direct conversation to help keep you on track. I will cheer you on to reach goals you never imagined possible. I can help you clean the mirror of your life so you can see yourself clearly in your most authentic and empowered form.

I draw upon the work of Gabrielle Bernstein, A Course In Miracles, Wayne Dyer, and other metaphysical practitioners as well as my background in cognitive behavioral therapy. I use meditation, yoga, and other tools and strategies to help you look inward and tap into the highest version of yourself.

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Ivy is a 4 year old hypoallergenic miniature labradoodle who provides a warm welcome to you when you arrive to my office. Ivy is there for those open to receiving the healing comfort of animal therapy.
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