Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching
1 E Main St, Suite 800C, Rochester, NY
(978) 651-1114

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Find your Purpose and Passion!

I am an intuitive healer, life coach, and miracle worker. I combine my background in psychotherapy with a strong and developed intuition, including mediumship and Reiki to help my clients become the best, fullest versions of themselves.

My goal is to help you remove what is in your way from living the life you want in every way possible. Together we tackle fear head-on, and help you return to your natural state of love. I seamlessly blend energy healing, channeling, and intuitive spiritual life coaching to help you come fully in alignment with your true self.

What Makes Your Spirit Soar?
If you really want something within your heart and soul, there is no reason you can't have it. Manifesting your own desires can bring miracles to your life.

Let's co-create and bring your dreams to life! Schedule today!

I'm excited to announce that I was recently featured on CanvasRebel!